The Immortal Sisters Conference and A Dancing Revolution

Renu at her best! “The One Billion Rising Dance”, February 14th, 2013 (General Anzeiger – newspaper from Bonn, Germany).

Every year in my hometown of Bonn, Germany,  women dance in the streets as part of the 1 Billion Rising event. Men from all cultures and ages joined the women in the dance for peace and justice. 

This important global event was created by Eve Ensler, the Tony Award-winning playwright and  the keynote speaker for our Immortal Sisters Conference.

I was honored to be part of the first event in 2013 and every year since. Support 1 Billion Rising on 2/14/17,  and go dance in the streets to rock the earth and move violence against women out of existence with our joyful vibration.

And please, come to the Immortal Sisters Conference to hear Eve Ensler, this important cultural visionary speak about her healing journey. Looking forward to meeting you there….Renu

Renu Li is on the Organizing Team of the Immortal Sisters Conference as well as a seminar leader. Learn more about Renu here.

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Solidarity to End the Exploitation of Women


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