Breaking Waves

Life is like the ocean 

and our emotions are like waves. 

We as women are very much like water. 

It is our nature.

I myself identify very much with the water element and I love the ocean.

Simply being near, hearing the sound of the water and waves is soothing to my whole being. 

It is deeply relaxing.

I also feel this when I do QiGong. 

Anywhere – not only when I am near the ocean.

This is what you learn when you practice.

Flowing with what is…

Come and join us at the Menla Retreat Center this summer,  in Upstate NY from Aug. 25. – 30. 

You will meet amazing women and practitioners 

full of wisdom and inspiration…

Don’t miss this opportunity!

I am looking forward to be there with you!

Herzlichst – from my heart

Renu Li

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