Cacao Ceremony with Rachel Santos

Sacred Cacao Dance Ceremony is a 5-Element Movement Meditation. It is a guided journey of heart-opening for letting go of old patterns or beliefs, making space for setting intentions and cultivating dream seeds through creative physical expression. In this embodied dance journey through the elements, we celebrate our totality.

Cacao, the seed from which chocolate is made, is known even in modern times for opening the heart. In ancient Mayan culture, cacao was revered as a sacred medicine, so much so that the seeds were exchanged as money. It is said that drinking cacao not only opens and heals the heart, it also gives us a direct line for communion and communication with Divine Source. We will drink a traditional brew of cacao, chile, and honey, and from this place of opening and connection, we let our voices serve as the instruments of our hearts and share intentions to be witnessed in sacred space. Then we dance like maniacs! Ooooowee!! Our cacao-blessed intentions are embodied and empowered by our joyful dancing through the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.