Conference Registration

Space is limited to 104 onsite participants! Women of all ages and experience are welcome!

Welcome to the Registration page! Please make your room choice below. Rates include Accommodations, Meals, and the Immortal Sisters Conference Fee.


We welcome you with open arms and a $200 discount (limited to 20!). Be sure to choose your room, go to your shopping cart, and input Women Under 35 in the Coupon Box.

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DELUXE-QUEENLhasa Inn: Deluxe single private room/queen bed/private bath. Five nights: $2125.  2 ROOMS LEFT!  


DOUBLE-DELUXELhasa Inn: Deluxe shared private room/queen bed or queen and twin/private bath. Five nights: $1825 per person. *2 BEDS LEFT!  

DELUXE-DOBLE-–-SHARED-BATHLhasa Inn: Deluxe shared room/2 twin beds/private bath. Five nights is $1825 per person.  SOLD OUT!  

gangtok-cottageGangtok Cottage: Deluxe single private room/queen bed/private bath. Five nights is $2075. 1 ROOM LEFT!  

gangtok-cottageGangtok Cottage: Deluxe shared private room/queen bed/private bath. Five nights is $1775 per person. SOLD OUT! 

 Kathmandu House: Deluxe single private room/queen bed/private bath. 5 nights, $2125  *2 ROOMS LEFT!  

deluxe-private-suit-322x200Kathmandu House: Deluxe Private Suite, 4 twin Beds/Private Bath. Five Nights is $1675 per person. SOLD OUT!  

DELUXE-DOBLE-–-SHARED-BATHThimphu House: Deluxe shared room/2 twin beds/shared bath. Five nights is $1745 per person.  

standar-singleStandard Accommodations:  A mix of Double, Triple, Quad Rooms, All Shared Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living/Dining Area. Five Nights is $1610 per person.  

dormitory_smDormitory Style: Simple beds, shared bathrooms. Five Nights is $1425 per person. ONLY 1 BED LEFT! 



cabin-tent-2Deluxe Outdoor Camping, SOLD OUT! Twin Beds, small sitting area, nightstands and LED lanterns, (no power).  Five Nights is $1425 per person. 


commuter1Commuter Option, includes meals for the 5 days: $1375. 

 Click Here for our Cancellation Policy

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