Main Conference Workshops

Welcome Sisters!

Below are the 2017 Immortal Sisters Conference Workshops.

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Healing Needs a Shift in Consciousness – Keynote Speech with Eve Ensler

Julia Butterfly Hill –

Women’s Spirituality Panel

Women’s Sexuality Panel

Immortal Sisters Panel

 Pushing for Peace with Marilyn Cooper

Your Heart, Mind and Body: Natural Treatments for a Beautiful Life by Letha Hadady   

Radiant Lotus Qigong with Daisy Lee    

Bagua Stepping with Lindsey Wei

Sexual Sovereignty with Saida DeSilets

13 Points of Power, Qigong with Jamee Culbertson

Tao Yin with Saumya Comer

Dynamic Woman Qigong with Deborah Davis, L.Ac.

Cacao Ceremony & Bonfire with Rachel Santos

Talent Show/Martial Arts Demo

Taoist Cosmology & Health with Wendy Lang

Sensuality and Menopause with Saida Desilets

Queen Concerns, Bone Health with Sharon Smith

Jade Egg Practice with Renu Li

Taoist Meditation related to Sexual Practice: Breast Massage with Marie Favorito and Renu Li

Next, take a look at our Post Conference Seminars held fron August 30th to September 1st.

Taoist Spirituality

Tai Chi and Push Hands

The Tao of Bone Health

Returning to the Source: Embodying our Female Essence