Bone and Brain Health – Queen Concerns Conference Workshop

Bone and Brain Health – Queen Concerns

Bone and Brain Health – Queen Concerns with Sharon Smith

Working with sexual energy is a life-long process.  

Connecting the vibrations of love and creativity accelerates healing and forms the basis for health and happiness in our entire body, including our bones. 

From recent medical studies, we know that the loss of estrogen is a factor in both bone density and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Fortunately, the Taoists recognized this early on and used the jade egg practice as well as stimulating the bones with a wire hitter as an aid in circulating the reproductive energy to “fertilize” the brain and nourish the bones.  

After being diagnosed with osteopenia in her early 50’s. Sharon increased her bone density by 7.5% in one year by doing this practice and working with a vibration machine.

This presentation will give an overview of bone and brain health and provide a short practice that you can incorporate to enliven, maintain and grow your bones, build electromagnetic conductivity, and increase density without drugs.