Cornelia Jecklin Presenter

Cornelia Jecklin

Cornelia is a Tao Yoga teacher since 1989. Since she was 15 years she learned taoist practices and Tai Chi and grew up with an indonesian taoist master, living at her home. 

Born in a family of musicians she always was connected and interested in the healing abilities of music as well. 1989 she met Reinhard Flatischler, the founder of the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process and traveled with him for 25 years worldwide. Cornelia is Co-Developer of the TaKeTiNa Rhyhtm Process and has always implemented the taoist practices into working with rhythm and teaching Korean drums. 

Cornelia is a spiritual musician, a healer and energy worker. Lately she also brings her work into “Change Management” and “Cultural Change” for teams and organizations.

Cornelia’s Session: Saturday, August 26, 8-10pm

Rhythm and Flow – the Primal Movement of Life

Our world consists of structure and flow, order and chaos, intention and surrender. We find our balance and dance of life in the middle of this dynamic.

Come journey with me using Drumming, Qigong, Taoist Energy Work, Voice-Sounding and Rhythm to open the gate for body, mind and soul to come together, regenerate, center and lead you to your inner Self and connection with all creation.

Experience the expanding stillness located just beyond the pulsing, sounding and moving.