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Lindsey Wei

Lindsey Wei is a 24th generation practitioner of Wudang Chun Yang Sect of Daoism. She trained under her Master, Abbot Li Song Feng of the Five Immortals Temple for 10 years in the Wudang mountains of China. She is on a lifelong pursuit into the mystery of Wudang Internal Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Ba Gua, Qi Gong, Fan Weaponry, Wudang Sword and Daoist Ceremony.

Wei is the author of The Valley Spirit —A Female Story of Daoist Cultivation, published by Singing Dragon in 2012. This is an account of her personal journey training in internal martial arts and Daoism under the guidance of an esoteric Daoist Priest in China.

She currently teaches adult classes, intensives and immersion programs at her school, Wudang White Horse Academy in Sebastopol, California founded in 2014. Her cross-training includes Burmese Bando (boxing), Brazilian Capoeira, Russian Systema and Parkour Free-running. She is married to her husband Luke, Capoeira Instructor, and together they have a 4 year old daughter who is also very passionate about martial arts!

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Lindsey’s Sessions

Tuesday, August 29th, 10:00am to Noon

The Power of Spirit, Women’s Spirituality Panel with Livia Kohn and Wendy Lang

Tuesday, August 29th, 3:30 to 6:00pm

Bagua Stepping Patterns and Daoist Principles 

Ba Gua Stepping Patterns and Daoist Principles

Explore Daoist cosmology, numerology, and sacred geometry through practice of a very old and rare style of Ba Gua known as Chun Yang Ba Bu (Pure Yang Eight Step), also known as Long Xin Zhang, Dragon Heart Palm.  This style is currently only taught in its entirety at the Five Immortals Temple in China via a lineage which stretches back one thousand years to Tang Dynasty Lu Dong Bin.

“The Eight Step Heavenly Big Dipper Palm is ancient and unadorned, refined and rare, transcending the mundane, and casting off the conventional.”

“Passing through, connecting and winding movements, yin and yang mutually exchanging, the eight trigrams turn.  The dragon swims in the ocean and the heaven.  The body and the stepping are light and graceful.  Its stepping method has a route, treading on the Tai Ji Yin-Yang five elements eight trigrams diagram.  Its shape and pattern is elegant and floating, its appearance likened to a flying immortal.”