Marie Favorito Organizer/Presenter

Marie Favorito

Marie Favorito has over 30 years experience as one of North America’s Senior Instructors of the Universal Healing Tao.  She holds 14 advanced certifications in Chi Kung Health and Well-being Practices and many levels of Healing Meditation and has been instrumental in establishing the UHT standards for teacher certification.  Marie is one of the few North American UHT Senior Instructors authorized to certify instructors in the Universal Healing Tao.  

Director of the Chi Kung School of Taoist Practices,  The Boston Healing Tao (BHT) established in 1986 draws students worldwide with weekly classes as well as workshops and seminars that bring master teachers to Boston. In addition, Marie teaches in many Boston-area centers for lifelong learners (Seniors), where her joy in Tai Chi enlivens the wisdom population. 

With Dr. Peter Wayne, Marie and the BHT staff  developed a curriculum and lead classes for a study conducted for the Tai Chi and Mind-Body Research Program at Harvard Medical School’s Osher Research Center.   

Marie is on the Organizing Team for the Immortal Sisters Conference!

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Marie’s Sessions:

Tuesday, August 29th, 3:30pm to 6:00pm

The Healing Power of Ba Gua Qigong 

Learn to move with every part of your body and experience energy, power, balance, stillness, and coordination. Strengthen your tendons, ligaments and bones with beautiful animal movements from Ba Gua Qigong. 

These simple to complex spiraling/coiling exercises are perfect for a woman’s naturally round and curvy body. Introduced in a slow integrative way, we will have some fun learning among others, the Phoenix, queen of the birds, magical, noble & strong and the Unicorn, the mythical beast, earthy and receptive.

When you enjoy learning, you can relax and be open to experiencing your Chi flow through your meridians and connective tissue. This presentation is for energy and movement lovers and those who want to be Inspired by the healing power of Qigong.