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Marilyn Cooper

Marilyn Cooper studied with Grandmasters Kuo Lien Ying and Peter Kwok. Kuo taught her traditional Kung Fu and how to train consistently, and to practice, practice, practice. From Peter Kwok, she learned a series of traditional forms and systems in an orderly progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced level. Kuo stressed the health and performance aspects, and Peter stressed making the forms function equally for fighting, for health and for performance. She also practiced spontaneous style push hands under Zhao Guohong and for pure health and spirituality, she practices a Wudang Qigong she learned from David Wei and meditation from India.

Marilyn has been the subject of numerous feature newspaper articles and television interviews. Her articles on Kung Fu have been published in Inside Kung Fu, Taijiquan Journal, Kung Fu/T’ai Chi magazines, and e-zines and other news media. She has performed at universities and masters’ demonstrations, fundraisers for United Way, the victims of 9/11, and the tsunami.

She opened her first Kung Fu school in 1980 in New York City, and has been teaching Kung Fu ever since. Marilyn is the founder of a national non-profit institute called “Pushing for Peace”, whose mission is to promote a T’ai Chi program designed to help prevent youth violence and promote mental and physical health. The Peace Games are now taught all over the world.

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Marilyn’s Sessions

Sunday, August 27th, 8:00pm t0 10:00pm

Push Hands

Push Hands is a non-injurious way to spar based on T’ai Chi Ch’uan pushes instead of strikes. Beginners will learn to push with one hand, followed by two-handed drills. More advanced students can learn Shao lu (little pull) and Da lu (big pull).  

From practicing structured drills and T’ai Chi Ch’uan form, the student will evolve into “Spontaneous style,” where thought and action become one! 

Wednesday, August 30th, 10:00am t0 11:30am

Pushing for Peace

The Peace Games are a series of 9 solo, partnered and group activities based on Tai Chi body movements and philosophy. No martial skill or athletic ability is required to play. They are designed to make people feel more centered, grounded, relaxed and connected to each other. The Peace Games make people feel more empathetic and cooperative. The Games take about one hour to complete. They can be played indoors or outdoors, in a classroom or a field. Each Game builds on what is learned from the previous one, culminating in a whole group game that requires the constant awareness of each person from moment to moment. After playing the Peace Games, participants report feeling more in tune with nature and aware of others and their environment. They are a good way to discover and feel “Qi”without learning complicated new forms.