Rhythm and Flow, the Primal Movement of Life Evening Activity

Rhythm and Flow, the Primal Movement of Life

Presented by Cornelia Jecklin. Our world consists of both structure and flow, order and chaos, intention and surrender, active and passive. In the middle of this dynamic we find our dance of life, we find our balance and healthy being.

I invite you on a journey where Chi Gong, Voice-Sounding and synchronizing in Rhythm with your whole body opens the gate for body, mind and soul to regenerate, center and connect to your inner Self and connectedness with creation.

Rhythm and Flow are great teachers. 

Rhythm teaches us deeply how to trust and how to be carried from within and in the wildness of life. Rhythm is the essential expression, matrix and link to the primal movement of this universe.

Flow teaches us that we are expansive beings, that we are energy, and that our consciousness is the guide of our own reality. 

Both of them teach us how to center and how to dance trustfully and held in wisdom.

General Information about The Rhythm Process Work 

Presence of rhythm, together with energy work, meditation and contemplation, can help transform ingrained behaviors and acquired strategies into a welcome enjoyment of the here-and-now and a desire to change.

Learn how to love and cultivate inner sustenance and expansion – and to live these daily.

Our “behavior” in rhythm is a reflection of our behavior in life. Rhythm can help us experience, reflect on and resolve internal structures that are holding us back.

Rhythm, based on the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Work, is at the core of my offers. The focus is not on rhythmic patterns, yet rhythmical learning happens on its own in a very natural manner.

The alternation of order and chaos, intention and abandon, falling “in” and “out” of rhythm can help dissolve stressful dynamics. Through this process, participants increasingly experience harmony and strength within themselves.

The process also includes taoistic energy work, meditation, voice sounding, shamanic healing drum journeys and everything that emerges from this process and that provides support.

The essential element is experiencing the expanding stillness located just beyond the pulsing, sounding and moving.