Sexual Sovereignty with Saida Desilets Conference Workshop

Sexual Sovereignty with Saida Desilets

Presented by Saida Desilets

Sexual Sovereignty: What Is it? Why Is It Fundamental To A Woman’s Well-being? & Why Should We Assist Women To Cultivate This Inborn Right?

At the heart of each woman lives her sexual sovereignty. After 2 decades of dedicated practice and research, Dr. Saida Désilets discovered surprising information about the nature of women’s psycho-sexual well being, how sexual cultivation is key to unlocking her sovereignty, and yet, how improper guidance can actually create more disfunction and entrapment versus the promised empowerment and transformation. She will share core premises from her Désilets Method that are essential for both women and their guides to consider when regarding any true, lasting, positive transformation in the area of sensuality, sexuality and pleasure.