Sharon Smith Director/Presenter

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is a teacher of Taoist health and spiritual practices, photographer, filmmaker, astrologer, and event producer in New York City.   A practitioner of Qigong, Tai Chi, and other Taoist spiritual and healing arts for 37 years, she has been teaching them for 32. Among many other Tao masters, her influential teachers include Masters Mantak Chia (she was in his original class of western students in 1981), Li Junfeng, Ming Chan, and T.K. Shih.

Sharon is a Senior Instructor and a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner in the Universal Healing Tao system as well as being a certified instructor of Sheng Zhen Gong, the work of Master Li Junfeng. In addition, Sharon has practiced Iyengar yoga for over 30 years and has traveled many times to China, Thailand and India (among other countries) to further her studies. In 2011, Sharon’s pilgrimage to China’s sacred mountains of Taoism took her to Wudang Mountain where she attended the Wudang Martial Arts Internal Kung Fu Academy and led a seminar at China’s “Women in Daoism” conference where she first thought about creating the Immortal Sisters Conference.

Sharon was a presenter at the 2009 International Tai Chi Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee and has received numerous foundation grants for her work with senior citizens and in community mental health programs. She was a spokesperson for Qigong on the nationally syndicated PBS television show, “Asian America” in the early aughts.

When she is not teaching her regular NYC classes,  you can find her teaching in her favorite places in the Caribbean, South America, and Thailand ( Sharon’s photographs are in the collections of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts among other public and private collections in the U.S. and Europe, She released her first film, “Saturn Saved Me” in 2015.

Sharon’s Sessions:

Monday, August 28th, 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Bone and Brain Health – Queen Concerns

Working with sexual energy is a life-long process. Connecting the vibrations of love and creativity accelerates healing and forms the basis for health and happiness in our entire body, including our bones. 

From recent medical studies, we know that the loss of estrogen is a factor in both bone density and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Fortunately, the Taoists recognized this early on and used the jade egg practice as well as stimulating the bones with a wire hitter as an aid in circulating the reproductive energy to “fertilize” the brain and nourish the bones.  

After being diagnosed with osteopenia in her early 50’s. Sharon increased her bone density by 7.5% in one year by doing this practice and working with a vibration machine.

This presentation will give an overview of bone and brain health and provide a short practice that you can incorporate to enliven, maintain and grow your bones, build electromagnetic conductivity, and increase density without drugs.