Soul Retrieval Journey with Shamanic Chinese Medicine Conference Workshop

Soul Retrieval Journey with Shamanic Chinese Medicine

Presented by Wendy Lang.

Experience the magic of the Wu, the female shaman who works to harmonize the energies of Heaven and Earth, in a process designed to initiate real and lasting healing. See and experience your negative emotions from a new and powerful perspective, and transform the destructive energy patterns into the gifts of confidence and self-love. Discover how your greatest obstacles can provide the gateway to healing, and open up a wellspring of vitality, peace and wisdom within. 

Deeply transformational, the Soul Retrieval process reveals and restores lost aspects of the Shen Xian, or immortal soul, bringing one a newfound sense of wholeness, and blessings of love and light. Wendy’s new and ancient Shamanic Chinese Medicine approach uses the Five Elements, the Three Dantians and the Three Worlds in a process that involves transmission teachings, meditation, breathwork and movement. Take the heroine’s journey to renew the soul’s energy for a brighter past, present and future.