Tai Chi and Push Hands Post Conference Seminar

Tai Chi and Push Hands

The Tai Chi and Push Hands with Jamee Culbertson, Marie Favorito and Marilyn CooperRegister Here

Learning and applying Tai Chi principles help you be centered and grounded in life. In this workshop participants will learn how to find a path of ease in movement that allows for efficiency and coordination resulting in ‘active relaxation’.  We will focus on principles of body alignment, spatial awareness relaxation, weight transfer, balance and breathing. You’ll apt to feel more flexible, more fluid and….blissful!

We’ll begin with some Tai Chi warm ups consisting of movement coordinated with breathing in order to clear the mind and cleanse the organ systems. We will define the Range of Motion, making sure to stay within each student’s safe reach and depth of movement. 

In Push Hands we will work on the 6 directions of up/down, forward/back and left/right. Partnered sensitivity exercises will teach students to feel direction of incoming force; how to neutralize and redirect it. The importance of this is exponential. Students will learn practices that will enable them to relax at will, to not flinch and stress at incoming force and to redirect force without using strength, just superior coordination and mind/body integration.

The Rainy Day Tai Chi form distills the essence of the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi form into a series of simple repetitive movements, in essence a Tai Ch Chi Kung set. Rainy Day Tai Chi is easy to learn and allows one to quickly focus on the energy flow of Tai Chi. 

The following are the names of the movements for a Rainy Day Tai Chi:

Tai Chi Opening Movement – Beginning

Wave Hands Like Clouds

Brush Knee

Wild Horse Separates Mane

Grasp Birds Tail  

Single Whip, Snakes Creeps Down

Golden Pheasant Stands on One Leg

Snake Sticks Out it’s Tongue

Kick Right & Left

Gathering and Closing