Tao Yin Conference Workshop

Tao Yin

Tao Yin with Saumya Comer

Tao Yin ~ The ancient Taoists understood the importance of embodiment, the health and pleasure of living in their bodies with feeling and awareness. They developed Qi Gong, a systematic approach for reclaiming the body’s inner vitality and cultivating a positive energy flow. The building blocks of Qi Gong are represented in the practice of Tao Yin, specifically, the cultivation of the breath, constructive rest, effortless alignment, core strength and fluid movement. Using the gentle exercises of Tao Yin, Saumya will guide participants to a kinesthetic understanding of these principles so they may be easily applied into one’s personal practice and everyday activities. Participants will benefit by feeling more grounded yet lighter, more solid yet graceful, more vitality yet calm and generally more at home in their bodies.