The Energy-Egg: An Overview Conference Workshop

The Energy-Egg: An Overview

The Energy-Egg: An Overview with Renu Li

Working with the Energy-Egg is truly a path, and contrary to what the mainstream media wants you to believe, not only of sexual self-exploration! 

This marvel of a gemstone is a treasure if you know the secret key to unlock its true potential as a helper on the way.

When we start to explore and want to learn something deeply, we go through several layers and levels of awareness, experience and consciousness. Since the Taoist approach likes to be always the most efficient with minimum effort and maximum result, it is of great value to all of us to share the experiences of the many women who have worked with the energy-egg. Each and every one has a piece of wisdom to share.

Renu has been working with the Taoist women’s sexual energy practices and the energy egg for over 30 years and will give you a broad overview of the different possibilities.