The Tao of Bone Health Post Conference Seminar

The Tao of Bone Health

The Tao of Bone Health with Sharon Smith and Letha HadaddyRegister Here

Explore the Qigong and Chinese medical principles that specifically concern your bone health during the Tao of Bone Health post-conference seminar with Sharon Smith and Letha Hadady. Our bones are essential components in our experience of health and wellbeing.  As women age and the production of estrogen slows down, our bones can thin and fracture.

Qigong to the rescue! Increase and strengthen bone density and improve absorption of minerals with regular practice of a simple 45-minute qigong routine combining movement, meditation, breathing, and stimulation of the bones. In addition, you will explore the energetics behind bone health and enhance your knowledge of the foods and herbs known to strengthen bone, ease muscle and nerve pain, treat common discomforts such as lower back pain, swelling, and injuries, and rejuvenate body and mind.