Wendy Lang Presenter

Wendy Lang

Wendy Lang is the founder of the Empty Mountain Institute and Shamanic Chinese Medicine.  Her areas of expertise include Medical Qigong, Daoist Mysticism, Channeling, Meditation, Soul Retrieval and Exorcism. 

Shamanic Chinese Medicine has its foundation in the study and practice of Medical Qigong and Chinese Medicine. Wendy adds to these more masculine teachings, the intuitive arts of the female shaman or Wu.  These women predate even the male Wu Yi as the original source of Taoist teachings. The spirit of the shamaness Chen Jinggu has been guiding Wendy to reintroduce the great power of the Feminine, thereby restoring the balance of Yin and Yang to Qigong and Chinese Energetic Medicine.

For over 12 years she has been teaching the International Institute of Medical Qigong’s three year Masters program, as well as offering trainings in the intuitive arts. Her healing practice includes in-person and distance sessions which can address a great variety of concerns, including chronic illness, depression, psychic attack, possession etc., as well as personal growth and transformation.

Wendy’s Sessions:

Sunday, August 27th, 3:30pm to 6:00pm

Soul Retrieval Journey with Shamanic Chinese Medicine 

Experience the magic of the Wu, the female shaman who works to harmonize the energies of Heaven and Earth, in a process designed to initiate real and lasting healing. See and experience your negative emotions from a new and powerful perspective, and transform the destructive energy patterns into the gifts of confidence and self-love. Discover how your greatest obstacles can provide the gateway to healing, and open up a wellspring of vitality, peace and wisdom within. 

Deeply transformational, the Soul Retrieval process reveals and restores lost aspects of the Shen Xian, or immortal soul, bringing one a newfound sense of wholeness, and blessings of love and light. Wendy’s new and ancient Shamanic Chinese Medicine approach uses the Five Elements, the Three Dantians and the Three Worlds in a process that involves transmission teachings, meditation, breathwork and movement. Take the heroine’s journey to renew the soul’s energy for a brighter past, present and future.

Tuesday, August 29th at 10:00am to Noon

The Power of Spirit, Women’s Spirituality Panel with Livia Kohn and Lindsey Wei

 Spirit is the subtlest aspect of qi, the pure, primordial power of the universe that connects us to the root of creation and allows us to open to the ultimate state of perfection. Modern physics describes it as a special unitary energy, which existed at an earlier state of cosmic evolution. Moving faster than the speed of light, it flows through our lives as “consciousness spirit,” mediated by the heart-and-mind. In its individual expression closely related to concepts of “inner nature and destiny,” it tends to get distorted by artificial superimpositions such as emotions and beliefs. To release these blockages, Daoists propose techniques such as mind-fasting, sitting in oblivion, and the Inner Smile. They all help practitioners to once again open to the infinite flow of universal spirit, allowing them to make its power their own.