Registration for Presenters

The cost of your room will be deducted from your honorarium as noted on your contract. Please click here, for the reservation form to reserve the room you prefer and send the Reservation Form to Sharon Smith at by February 8, 2017. Thanks!


DELUXE-QUEENLhasa Inn: *SOLD OUT*  Deluxe single private room/queen bed/private bath.  

DOUBLE-DELUXELhasa Inn: Deluxe shared private room/queen bed/private bath.

DELUXE-DOBLE-–-SHARED-BATHLhasa Inn: Deluxe shared room/2 twin beds/private bath.

gangtok-cottageGangtok Cottage: Deluxe single private room/queen bed/private bath.

gangtok-cottageGangtok Cottage: Deluxe shared private room/queen bed/private bath.

Kathmandu House: Deluxe single private room/queen bed/private bath. 

deluxe-private-suit-322x200Kathmandu House: Deluxe Private Suite, 4 twin Beds/Private Bath.   

DELUXE-DOBLE-–-SHARED-BATHThimphu House: Deluxe shared room/2 twin beds/shared bath.

standar-singleStandard Accommodations:  A mix of Double, Triple, Quad Rooms, All Shared Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living/Dining Area. 

dormitory_smDormitory Style: Simple beds, shared bathrooms.

cabin-tent-2Deluxe Outdoor Camping, Twin Beds, small sitting area, nightstands and LED lanterns, (no power).

commuter1Commuter Option, includes meals.