Returning to the Source: Embodying our Female Essence with Renu Li and Saumya Comer

Post Conference workshop August 30th – September 1st

Join Renu Li and Saumya Comer for a gentle journey home to your fully embodied natural self. In a safe and loving sanctuary we will explore the intimate language of our bodies and cultivate the powerful essence of our feminine sexual energy. We will begin by slowing down and developing the art of befriending ourselves. Using QiGong (Chi Kung) , self massage and sensory awareness we will release stagnant energies, awaken unconscious areas of the body (specifically the pelvic floor) and increase the capacity to feel pleasure. We will learn how to harness the dynamic Jing chi (sexual energy) and use this energy for increasing our vitality, sharpening our senses, balancing our hormones, becoming more awake, loving beings and living from our own juicy embodied selves.

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