Julia Butterfly Hill

Special Presentation with Julia Butterfly Hill

It’s Your World: Take It Personally!

In today’s world it is easy to get overwhelmed with all that is wrong, and even how difficult it can feel just to just “get by.”   Yet, the world we want to live in can not happen just by pointing out what is wrong and waiting around on others to solve and fix our problems.  This is a conversation on making a difference in the world and having a life of purpose, power, and joy by turning inspiration into action–from the inside, out; and from the personal, to communal, to global.

YOU Make The Difference!

So, often we hear the question, can one person really make a difference?  The reality is that because no choice happens in a vacuum, it is literally scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to have no impact and to make no difference!  Even our choices to do nothing has a very real impact on our world.  When we recognize that EVERY thought, word, and action changes the world, we stop asking the myth of can one person make the difference, and we start realizing that each and everyone of us DOES make the difference!  In this space, we start asking ourselves instead, what kind of a difference do I want to make with my life?

What’s Your Tree?: Having a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Power

Julia Hill will reflect on her personal experience as an environmental activist to inspire students into action. She will challenge the audience to consider sustainable practices and engage in green initiatives to remind us that each person can make a difference. Julia will guide the audience through several critical questions, such as: “What is it in your life that can cause you and call you to be bigger than you know yourself to be?” and “What holds you back and what tools can set you free to be the person your spirit and heart are called to be?”  According to Julia, “We all have a symbolic tree or trees that create the space for us to grow beyond the limits of the mind and soar into the realms of the infinite space of living lives of loving and purpose-filled service!”