Taoist Spirituality with Lindsey Wei and Livia Cohen

Connecting to Spirit: Energy Enhancement and Ritual Activation with Livia Kohn & Lindsey Wei

Spirit is the pure, primordial power of the universe that connects us to the root of creation and ultimate state of perfection. It appears in two forms: as internal life energy, the subtlest and most potent form of qi; and as divinities, sacred powers of heaven and earth. This workshop explores spirit in both these dimensions. Livia presents internal spirit in relation to “passions and emotions” as well as “inner nature and destiny”,  then offers various ways of measuring and expanding it, clearing blockages to its free flow and enhancing its potency in our lives. Lindsey activates divine spirit through ceremonial practices (incense, bowing, teeth clicking), mantra chanting,  and scripture recitation, aiming to clear karmic patterns and align thoughts with the ancients.

August 30 – September 1st, 2017   * Register Here *

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