Taoism in the West

Marie Favorito in the ‘chi-zone’

I was honored last year to be interviewed by NPR’s Matthew Bell for his show “The World”. He gave a news story about the history of the 6 major religions of the world. I would like to share with you the portion of this broadcast that covered Taoism. (please watch the video below).

Ever since Laozi, the father of Taoism, authored the famous Tao Te Ching, Taoism has had a deep influence on many people across many cultures. Taoism has weathered the test of time not only as a philosophy but as a practice and as a spiritual guide for life.

Even today the influence of Taoism is spreading. Where can one find Taoism in the West and what does it look like?  In the United States there are Taoist based practices in the Martial Arts, in Chinese Medicine, Taoist Meditation, Qi-Gong and Tai Chi. These practices can be found in the growing number of Tai Chi Schools, Qi Gong Centers, Martial Art Dojo’s, Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Colleges, Senior Centers, special programs for the veterans, in prisons and in many Harvard Tai Chi studies.

Why are Taoist practices growing in popularity throughout the west? Perhaps the answer is because Taoism is not just a philosophy but a life practice that benefits health, gives meaning to life and helps to deepen our connection to ourselves, to each other and to mother earth. Taoist practices teach time proven ways of cultivating virtue, health, vitality, graceful aging, positive energy, and natural movement. What we practice we become so the Taoist practices serve to create cultures of compassion, health, creativity and happiness. Taoist practices encourage a win-win approach for all members of society rather than a competitive model of the strong prevailing over the weak.

We are the modern carriers of Taoism, a potent spiritual lineage.

Come join us at the Immortal Sisters Conference in August and learn to use these art forms to create balance, good health and Joy in your life. 

Gratitude, Marie Favorito

Marie Favorito is on the Organizing Team of the Immortal Sisters Conference as well as a seminar leader. Learn more about Marie here.


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