The Goddess is Alive!

Enjoy highlights of the Immortal Sisters Conference! 

For more in depth information please visit our Conference Video page HERE.

Videos in this Playlist

Eve Ensler, “In the Body of the World”

Julia Butterfly Hill, “Spiritual Activation”

Livia Kohn, “Breaking the Gender Trap, Daoist Ways of Empowering Women”

Max Dashu, “Xi Wangmu: the Cosmic Weaver”

Women’s Sexuality Panel with Dr. Saida Désilets, Daisy Lee, and Renu Li

Renu Li, “Introduction to the Jade Egg”

 Sharon Smith,  “Bone and Brain Health, Queen Concerns”

Lindsey Wei, “Ba Gua Stepping”

Jamee Culbertson, “Tai Chi Coordinates, 13 Points of Power”

Marilyn Cooper,  “Push Hands” 

Marilyn Cooper, “Peace Games”

Women’s Spirituality Panel with Livia Kohn, Lindsey Wei and Wendy Lang

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