What is The Immortal Sisters Conference?

Sun-Bu-er (1119-1182)

The Immortal Sisters Conference is a historic gathering of women who are committed to “Returning to the Tao” through understanding and practicing this ancient wisdom.

We take our name to honor and identify with the women spiritual adepts in Thomas Cleary’s book,  Immortal Sisters: Secret Teachings of Taoist Women that presents the life stories of distinguished female Taoist adepts who lived from the 3rd-12th centuries. These women represent a unique female heritage of spiritual mastery as well as humanitarianism. 

Our conference intends to inspire today’s women to see themselves as carriers of this potent spiritual lineage.

The busy-ness of our world is obvious to all of us these days, and the stress of life takes its toll on the Earth and all of its precious inhabitants. Although it has probably been this way for millennia, we have become hyper-aware of this extreme imbalance that manifests environmentally, socially and personally. 

At the same time, it seems clear that currently the Yin principle of Earth energy that has taken a backseat for so long in relation to the Yang principle of action is rising and moving. Clearly the balance is beginning to shift as women step up and find their voice.

Although there have been many conferences for women in the yoga and Buddhist communities, this is the first big conference of women practitioners of Tao in the West.

Come learn about this beautiful ancient body-mind tradition as well as practical applications from the top Female Wisdom Keepers of the Tao. To see our list of awesome presenters, click here.

To study and practice the Tao is to become aware of the truth of Yin/Yang theory, which at the most basic level recognizes these as necessary complementary forces. If they coexist harmoniously, the conditions for health and happiness are maximized.

Presentations will include Taoist alchemical meditations, Chi Kung physical practices, healing practices, sexuality practices, panel discussions, activism, entertainment and all the beautiful things that happen when women with positive vibrations come together.

Contribute your energy to create a clear Yin force to manifest more balance in our overly Yang world.

Come join us at the Immortal Sisters Conference. Register here.

“Those who have now attained spiritual immortality but cannot as yet live in heaven number in the thousands.  They are all in various places on earth accumulating virtue, carrying out practical undertakings so that they may eventually make the ascent.

Some of them take care of rivers and lakes, some of them manage the hidden government, some are in charge of mountains.  They work to benefit ten thousand generations, to rid the earth of what is harmful, to heal the sick and eliminate problems, acting mercifully toward the troubled and uplifting the fallen, rescuing the weak and helpless.

Their hidden works are carried out in secret; their virtuous deeds are practiced covertly.  Such is their range that they cannot be encompassed in one generalization.”  

–  Immortal Sister Zhao of the Song dynasty (960-1278 C.E.)

By Sharon Smith, Director and Presenter



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