Our women’s spirituality panel includes Livia Kohn and Lindsey Wei and Wendy Lang, moderated by Jamee Culbertson.

The Power of Spirit

 Spirit is the subtlest aspect of qi, the pure, primordial power of the universe that connects us to the root of creation and allows us to open to the ultimate state of perfection. Modern physics describes it as a special unitary energy, which existed at an earlier state of cosmic evolution. Moving faster than the speed of light, it flows through our lives as “consciousness spirit,” mediated by the heart-and-mind. In its individual expression closely related to concepts of “inner nature and destiny,” it tends to get distorted by artificial superimpositions such as emotions and beliefs. To release these blockages, Daoists propose techniques such as mind-fasting, sitting in oblivion, and the Inner Smile. They all help practitioners to once again open to the infinite flow of universal spirit, allowing them to make its power their own.